“Stop here and hire Ciboro Construction.  There is absolutely no need to search any further!"

"My husband and I have used Ciboro Construction for 15 years.  We wouldn't think of using anyone else because of the quality of work they do and the professionalism they exhibit.  Doug, Ronnie, and Tim have fixed, built and done the major remodeling in our home for years.  

Most recently they did a complete renovation of our kitchen and living room.  It was an 11 week project.  When projects are of this magnitude you need to feel comfortable and at ease with the contractors entering your home.  You do NOT want someone you don't trust walking in and out of your home.   You will NEVER feel this way with Ciboro Construction.  They are polite, friendly, and professional.

They manage the project from start to finish and oversee all aspects of it, from design, to budget, to time management, and safety.  

If you are looking at various contractors in Northwest Ohio and Southern Michigan-stop here and hire Ciboro Construction.  There is absolutely no need to search any further!"

— Dr. Joseph and Jennifer Marra

"Thanks again for the incredible job that you did!  It's fantastic!  Your attention to detail and your efforts in making the customer 100% happy are impeccable!  Your work ethic is so hard to find these days and you should be proud of yourself and your company!

I will HIGHLY recommend you to ALL!"

-homeowner, 2017 kitchen remodel

                                                                             "City Beautification Award"

New build-bozeman, MT

"I just wanted to let you know that we recently found out that Shining Mountains was just awarded a City Beautification award from Bozeman, Mt. All awards are nominated by local board members, and twelve are chosen each year (usually out of about 80-100 nominees).  The honor is awarded on the basis of a building's exterior adding "significant beauty, value, and interest" to Bozeman. 

As the board member visited church to let me know and to take some pictures, she commented effusively on how much everything about the building-from the shape, to the paint, to its sitting on the lot-was simply perfect.

— Rev. Joel Seifert

(Shining Mountains Lutheran Church)



“Delivered on time and on budget”

"Doug Ciboro transformed our tired 1980s spec into a home of distinction, with classic style and a customized European look.

We needed to remain in our home during the remodel, and he not only delivered on time and on budget, but maintained a clean, safe, livable, working enviorment.

A contractor/project manager like Doug is essential.  We definitely feel that Ciboro Construction gave us our money's worth during every aspect of our remodeling projects!"

— Homeowner, (remodel featured in THE BLADE)


“Attention to detail and ingenuity"

"Im sitting in our new sanctuary as I write this, and as I look around I want to thank you for your part in making this sanctuary a reality. Im so glad Dick knew you and we we were able to hire you and your crew for the work on our project. Without your attention to detail on much of the finish work, I don't think everything would have turned out quite as well as it did.  I'm reminded of that whenever I look back at the oak organ chamber facade.  I'm glad you spent the time on it you did, because it looks great.

And I will always remember your ingenuity in figuring out some of the unique problems of our sanctuary-like how to hoist a half-ton altar stone on top of the altar.

Thank you to you and your team."

— Pastor Timothy Nass

(Resurrection Lutheran Church, Maumee, OH)