THE BLADE-"Featured Home of the Week"

"Doug Ciboro of Ciboro Construction worked closely with the homeowners to achieve the look they wanted. He has been a builder and remodeler since 1983, providing total home solutions from concept to completion, and is proud to say 99 percent of their work is based on customer referrals."
Tuscan bath-mural on ceiling-featured in "the blade"
"While this bathroom has many fine points, the highlight has to be the domed ceiling. A deep dome, it is painted in shades of dark blue with brighter hues subtly interspersed, and is reminiscent of the night sky. A richly worked silver chandelier hangs from its center, and is accented by silver-painted molding around the perimeter. The walls of the bathroom are topped with crown molding and uplighting for a subtle glow."

THE BLADE-"My space"

"Doug Ciboro removed the roof of the 1941 brick colonial's attached garage, raised it a foot and strengthened it to support the new upper deck that sits in the treetops and leads onto a stunning new sun room. "
"It's exactly the way I wanted it to be."

-homeowner via THE BLADE

The homeowner was so pleased with the sunroom, she also  also asked Ciboro Construction to renovate her dinning room.
While creating the homeowner's ideal retreat in the treetops, Ciboro Construction also renovated and refreshed the dated dinning room-turning it into a light and airy space the homeowner will enjoy for many years to come.